19 October, 2017

KazMunaiGas Exploration & Production announces a vacant position Superintendent of the drilling and workover supervision team of Drilling and workover supervision team

In case of interest please send your CV at e-mail:


Competence requirements as per job description

                         Experience requirement

Education (higher, specialty/ qualification)

 engineering degree in drilling or drilling-related education

Professional experience

 At least 10 years' international experience in drilling and workover;  at least 7 years’ experience in drilling and workover supervision  team

Supervisory experience

 7 years

Experience in KMG Group


Knowledge required to discharge job duties:

Drilling and workover methods and technology, well control methods, wells cementing practice, lateral drilling methods and sidetracking, the fundamentals of operation control economics, principles of labour legislation, analysis of development of technical documents (projects, programmes), purposes, regulations for operation of drilling and workover rigs and their operating mode, method of drilling planning and advanced drilling systems, fishing methods during workover operations, Kazakh unified rules for oil and gas fields development, uniform occupational safety and environment management system, rules and requirements for occupational health and safety, fire safety and  environmental safety, Subsoil and Subsoil Use Law, Stock Corporation Act, State Purchases Law, etc..

Skills required to discharge job duties:

Conducting well cementing calculations, calculating the wellbore trajectory for directional drilling, controlling the Rotary Steerable System, calculating the layout of the bottom of the drill string for any well profiles, conducting benchmarking of machinery and technology, developing technical and technological solutions for optimizing well construction and workover, calculation of the required technical characteristics and design features of the necessary equipment. Management of drilling and workover supervision team.


  1. Management and coordination of the activities of supervisors of supervision team in close cooperation with the relevant teams of the Company;
  2. Planning, organization of the work of the team, monitoring and ensuring the high quality of work performance in the established timeframe by each contractor;
  3. Approval of work completion certificate on well construction and workover;
  4. Analysis of the current state of work on well construction and workover, and issuing recommendations and proposals to improve their quality;
  5. Presentation of final reports on the work performed by the team to the Company;
  6. Drawing up perspective and current work plans for the team;
  7. Exercising on behalf of the Customer of technological control over performance of the drilling crew, who is constructing the well;
  8. Management of the constant and round-the-clock control at the drilling site over the fulfillment by the Contractor and its subcontractors of the requirements of the drilling program, the Technical Project, the Addenda to the technical design, the operating technological regulations, instructions and rules, and other requirements of the Customer;
  9. Issuance of recommendations and proposals for reducing the timeframe of unproductive time and improving the quality of the well construction based on the analysis of the calendar time distribution of well drilling, the analysis of bit performance and other analytical work;

10. Suspension of works on the site (with fixing of time and date in the log), if they are performed with violation of well-kill safety or there are signs that the work performed lead to wellbore problems, accidents or environmental contamination and do not meet the requirements of the Technical Project, action plan, drilling and workover programmes;

11. Participation in the development, approval and implementation of plans for complex technological operations (casing running and cementing, wellhead setup, accident response);

12. In the event of an on-site threat of blowout, fire, explosion or loss of control over the well - management of work to eliminate such a threat or eliminate its consequences;

13. Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of performance of Contractors on construction of wells with the issuance of relevant comments and provision of recommendations to the Company on improving efficiency, as well as on the introduction of new methods and technology;

14. Timely informing the Company and / or its representatives in writing about the revealed violations during well drilling and cementing, preparation of drilling fluids, etc

Additional information:

• Command of English and Russian languages;

• Skills of business negotiations with partners;

• Experience in public speaking and making presentations at important meetings.