Shareholder structure

The total number of KMG EP shares is 74,357,042, of which 70,220,935 are ordinary voting shares and 4,136,107 are preferred shares.

KMG NC owns approximately 57.9% of the KMG EP’s placed shares.

During the three share buyback programmes, the Company has repurchased 130,093 ordinary shares on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and 23,086,302 global depositary receipts1 (GDRs), on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In addition, the Company repurchased the GDRs1 in order to implement the employee options program. As of 31 March 2018, 711 060 GDRs1 are held in Trust for the implementation of the employee options program.
As a result of Tender Offer and Share Offer KMG EP has repurchased in total 134,070,054 GDRs1 and320 688 Common Shares in issue.
Thus, the total number of ordinary treasury shares is 26 571 052. In addition, the Company has repurchased 2 073 147 preferred shares on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and 95 761 Preference Shares from Preference Shareholders who between 8 December 2017 and 8 January 2018 exercised the Put Option Right.

The more information on Share buyback may be seen at page of shares buyback programme and Tender Offer.

Shareholder structure as at 31 March 2018

  Ordinary shares & GDR1 Preferred shares Total % of total
NC KMG 43,087,006  0 43,087,006  57.9%
Treasury shares2 26,571,052 2,168,908 28,739,960 38.7%
Free float 562,877 1,967,199 2,530,076 3.4%
Total 70,220,935  4,136,107  74,357,042 100.0%

1) One GDR corresponds to 1/6 of an ordinary share;
2) Treasury shares include purchased ordinary, preferred shares and GDRS;