Company Management

Kurmangazy Iskaziyev

Chairman of the Management Board (Chief Executive Officer) at “KazMunayGas” Exploration Production” JSC.

Date of birth: May 11, 1965.

Educational background:
Graduated from the Oil Faculty of Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin majoring in Mining engineer-geologist.
Scientific degree:
In 2006, defended a doctoral thesis at Tomsk Polytechnic University with the qualification “PhD Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences”.
In 2021, defended his thesis at the National University of Oil and Gas “Gubkin University” with the scientific degree “Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences”.
Awards and honors:
Laureate of the Al-Farabi State Prize of RK in the field of science and technology, professor of the “Prospecting and Exploration of Oil and Gas” faculty of the Russian State Oil and Gas University named after Gubkin, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).
Awarded with the order “Kurmet”, the budges “Honorary Explorer of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Honored Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, title “Honorary citizen of Atyrau region”.
Employment History:
In 1985 started his career at Embaneft production association, where subsequently passed all stages of production from Operator to Director General of “Embamunaigas” JSC.
In 2006-2008, worked as a Deputy director for Geology and Development department, Director for Geology and Development department at “KazMunaiGas” Exploration Production” JSC.
From 2006 to 2008 worked as a Chief Executive Officer of Oil and Gas Production, Managing director for Geology, Geophysics and Reservoirs, Chief geologist, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Geology and Prospective Projects, Managing director for non-operational assets (Tengiz, Kashagan, Karachaganak), Managing director for Geology at “KazMunayGas” NC” JSC.
From September 2015 to 2018 – Chief Executive Officer (Chairman of the Management Board) at “Embamunaigas” JSC, Chief Executive Officer (Chairman of the Management Board) at “KazMunaiGas” Exploration Production” JSC.
From 2018 to 2020 - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Exploration, Production and Oilfield Services at “KazMunayGas” NC” JSC, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Geology and Exploration at “KazMunayGas” NC” JSC.
From 2020 to the present - Chief Executive Officer (Chairman of the Management Board) at “KazMunayGas” Exploration Production” JSC.
Since February 2022, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Exploration and Production at «KazMunayGas» NC» JSC.

Dastan Abdulgafarov


Abdulgafarov Dastan was appointed as CFO in January, 2015. Prior to this he held position of the Managing director on Business Development since September, 2006. He graduated from The Kazakh Institute of Law and International Relations specializing in International Law and The Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of International Affairs of the RoK specializing in Economics and International Law. He holds Master's degree in Oil Business from Agip Corporate University and Executive MBA degree from Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. He worked at JSC KazMunaiTeniz and NC KazMunaiGas.

Marlen Orazbekov

Managing Director, Legal

Marlen Orazbekov is a graduate of Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute; Bolashak Karaganda State-of-the-Art Education Institute under the Buketov Karaganda State University. From February 2017 he has been Managing Director for Legal Matters at KazMunaiGas Exploration & Production. Before he was appointed Managing Director for Legal Matters, he had been Director, Deputy Director of Legal Department at KazMunaiGas Exploration & Production; Chief Legal Officer at National Company KazMunaiGas; Senior Lawyer at KazMunaiGas Service; Trainee Lawyer at Bar Association of Astana; and Chief Officer of Finance and Resourcing Department at the Kazakh Ministry of Justice.

Bekbolat Bekbosynov

Chief of staff

Bekbosynov Bekbolat holds the Chief of staff position  of JSC "Exploration Production "KazMunaiGaz" since March of 2019. Prior to his appointment, he worked as Director of the Department of social policy and economic support of JSC "RD "KMG". Held position of vice manager of the Department of social policy and economic support, legal advisor in the legal  Department of the company. In his career he worked as a lawyer in MC "Embamunaigaz" and LLP "Zhigermunaiservice". He graduated from the faculty of international law of the Kazakh state law Academy with a degree in law and Atyrau state Institute of oil and gas with a degree in management and organization of oil and gas industry.