Jobs and Careers

  • Our company’s staff comprises as much as about 16,000 people. Most of them are employed by Embamunaigas and Ozenmunaigas stock companies in Atyrau and Mangistau provinces, respectively. We value each employee of our company and aim for each one to have an opportunity for career growth.
  • The Company pays special attention to human resources. There is a continuous training, re-training programme in place. Training of engineering staff is just as important. There are technical workshops, health and safety courses, management skills development courses for the management. Apart from that, employees may attend accreditation/certification and master programmes, internship, conferences, forums, exhibitions.
  • For the period between 2004 and 2011 over 30,000 employees have have attended training/re-training courses, workshops, and certification programmes. Over 2.854 million tenge was spent for that purpose.
  • There is a workplace assessment performed regularly within the company to assess professional skills of each employee, and make them focus on achieving those targets which could improve their own performance as well as that of the Company.
  • Employment by KMG EP is prestigious and respected because we offer a competitive social package and salary, skill improvement/training opportunities to our employees. What we want to achieve is for the Company to become a top oil producer in Kazakhstan.