Occupational Health and Safety

  • Over KZT 1.8 billion was spent on implementation of safety measures in 2016. At least once a year employees attend safety training and pass safety exams. Occupational health and safety managers and officers once every three years attend advanced training courses and pass exams in respective educational companies.
  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking System has been implemented to prevent speeding-related motor vehicle accidents at production facilities. This project helps track infractions, track vehicle location online, record readings from various sensors, ensure that vehicles pass maintenance in a timely manner, etc.
  • In 2016, a number of projects were initiated and successfully implemented, in order to enhance safety culture and improve health, safety and environment protection.
  • • One of the key projects was designed to increase full transparency of HSE reporting.
  • • In 2016, EMG’s employees were trained and received appropriate qualifications in the field of industrial safety and personnel protection in order to improve and enhance industrial safety levels.
  • • The Golden Rules, a code for employees of subsidiaries, affiliate organisations and contractors of the Company, has been introduced.
  • All personal protective equipment purchased is checked every year. PPE should provide the highest level of protection, be ergonomically designed providing improved fit, wearer comfort and a lighter weight construction. Special clothing, footwear and other PPE replacement frequency has been changed to improve personal safety of the Company employees. Over KZT 3,5 billion was spent in 2016 for this purpose.

Occupational health and safety is a top priority for management at KMG EP.

Company personnel and top managers of its business units are personally responsible for the observance of the standards and requirements of the labour and environmental protection laws during operations.

These measures are aimed at improving working conditions, accident prevention, readiness to localise and eliminate the consequences of accidents and guarantee indemnity of damage inflicted upon third parties and the environment as well as mitigation of impact of production factors on the environment.