Bar coding for bills, invoices

Brief instruction on generation of document “sheet with a bar code”:
  1. Prepare invoice and work completion report for the reporting period;
  2. Go to Screen form will open;
  3. Select a business unit from a drop-down menu, i.e. select the appropriate branch to which an invoice and work completion reports are submitted;
  4. Select a document type (in this case a document type is an invoice);
  5. Enter data into the screen form from invoice for the reporting period (contract number, contract year, document number, document date, currency, amount including VAT, email for notification);
    IMPORTANT! Keyboard layout should be switched to English when entering data;
  6. Press a button “generate a bar code”. A document in PDF format will be generated;
  7. Print the document;
  8. Visually check the printed document and compare with the invoice. Pay attention to the following when comparing: - the sheet should have 4 line codes. Each line starts from letters DD, i.e.

    - if there are less than 4 lines then the document is improperly generated. Please reach the contacts below if this is the case.
    - information on both documents (the invoice and the printed sheet with bar code) shall be identical;
  9. Write a name of your company using a pen;
  10. Sign the document (authorized signature). The document is now generated;
  11. Attach the generated document to other documents (the invoice and the work completion report). Document package is now generated;
  12. Sending the generated document package to KMG EP document control centre.
  13. Dear suppliers and contractors! You are strongly requested not to put a stamp of your company on the printed sheet with a bar code! KMG EP puts a stamp in the field “Stamp here”.
  14. You are requested to print properly the “Sheet with a bar code” (without correction marks, cartridge lines, etc.).
  15. If you improperly generated the “Sheet with a bar code” then you may regenerate the new one. Number of generated copies will not impact on the process.
please write the full number
please write the full number
if VAT does not apply then insert 0