Social projects

  • From 2004 to 2016 our company has spent around 51 billion tenge for social projects which is as much as an annual budget of a large regional center.
  • Over 200 families are each owned a new apartment in a residential building built by financial support of KMG EP in Zhanaozen city.
  • In 2009 a fitness centre was built in Zhanaozen named after Rakhmet Utesinov, a famous oilman and writer.
  • Since 2011 children of Mangistau region may attend Akbobek children’s holiday camp built by KMG EP for 250 children with sports grounds, summer swimming pool, amphitheater, leisure centre and a gym.
  • Since 2009 KMG EP has been annually funding the creation of 100 social jobs in Zhanaozen.
  • KMG EP funded the construction of an indoor swimming pool in Atyrau.
  • In 2016 the Company also provided funds to finance the construction and completion of a 300-pupil secondary school named after O.Sargunanov, in Dossor village, Makat region, Atyrau oblast. Construction of a kindergarden for 100 children was funded by the Company in Tasshagyl village, Kzylkugin region, Atyrau oblast. Additionally, funds were allocated for the construction and completion of 15 civil two-apartment houses.
  • In 2011 KMG EP funded the construction of a fitness centre in Nursaya microdistrict of Atyrau.
  • Every summer thousands of children from orphanages and children of our employees from Atyrau, Mangystau, Kyzylorda and West Kazakhstan regions visit holiday camps in Kazakhstan and abroad thanks to our company.
  • KMG EP always supports honoured artists and sportsmen, war and labor veterans, Society of the Disabled and Association of the Blind, low income population where the Company operates.
  • In 2014, KMG EP and its subsidiaries sponsored secondary and high education for 915 students in Kazakhstan. All in all, 4000 people have studied under this programme over the last ten years.
  • In 2014 our company funded construction of the marriage hall in Zhanaozen.
  • In 2014 our company funded the construction of Zhuldyzai rehabilitation center for disabled children in Zhanaozen.
  • Starting from 2014, our company has been funding construction of a public health center in Zhanaozen.
  • Over the last few years, our company has funded road repair in the regions, in particular Uzen-Kyzylsay, Akkistau-Balgimbayev, Karaton-Teren Uzek, and other road sections.
  • Within the framework of providing project sponsorship assistance in 2016, the Company provided funds for the construction and completion of a psycho-neurological boarding school for 300 residents in the village of Talsuat in the Kyzylorda region.